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60 Minute Massage

When booking a massage you want to think about what you would like to accomplish during the massage. Pain relieve or relaxation. if you would like a full body relaxation massage 60 minutes is sufficient. If you would like to focus on one or two part of the body for pain relief 60 minutes usually is long enough for this to be accomplished

In Studio: $130
Out of Studio Price: $150

90 Minute Massage

If your goal for your massage session is a full body relaxation massage with focus on a larger area such as your back, 90 minutes is the perfect amount of time for you to receive the work you need without being rushed.

In Studio: $175
Out of Studio Price: $200

120 Minute Massage

Have you really been struggling with pain for a while now? Do you feel like every thing needs extra time? ave you been suffering from migraine headaches or chronic back pain? Take the time out of your day to let your muscles be loosened up and the knots worked out. Two hours on the table might be exactly what you need.

In Studio: $235
Out of Studio Price: $275

Our Packages

Six 60 Minute Massages
Purchase six massages for the price of 5.

In Studio Price:$650
Out Call Price: $750

Twelve 60 Minute Massages
Twelve massages for the price of eleven.

In Studio Price:$1430
Out Call Price: $1650

Six 90 Minute Massages
Purchase Six 90 minute massages for the price of 5.

In Studio Price:$875
Out Call Price: $1000

Twelve 90 Minute Massages
Purchase twelve 90 min. massages for the price of eleven

In Studio Price:$1925
Out Call Price: $2200

Add-on Treatment Options

Your appointment is sacred time that you have cut out of your day to focus on you.  in addition to your customized massage you  can take advantage of our add on treatments to make your massage everything that you dreamed it could be.


Hot Stoness
When the hot stone is applied to the skin the underlying muscles respond by opening up, and more blood is able to flow through them causing them to become more pliable creating the perfect opportunity for your pain and tightness to melt away.

Assisted Stretch Therapy
Increase your flexibility

Each unique body has its own limitations. We know flexibility is good, but its difficult to gain on your own. Stretch therapy allows us to help your body in increasing range of motion in a safe and relaxed position, and work on strengthening problem areas. The body is able to gain mobility without being forced beyond the level of comfort. Gain flexibility and range of motion that would be impossible with without a little help.

Foot Massage
Get to the bottom of your pain

Your feet work hard for you all day and more often than not they are left neglected. your feet have over 7,000 nerve ending in them, add 20 minutes to your massage and give them the attention they deserve.

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