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    Migraine Headache Relief

    We use a number of modalities to work on the source of your migraines to alleviate discomfort.

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    Back Pain Relief

    We focus on the muscles that are directly causing your pain for extended relief.

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    Chronic Pain Management

    We work together with you to identify and locate your pain at the source, and use the necessary techniques to ease tension and discomfort.

What to Expect

Living kneads is a professional massage therapy company that focuses on pain relief and muscle manipulation and that I research the right to refuse any client that i feel is being unprofessional and also to terminate any session at any time at the cost of the client if the choose to cross any line.

I recently purchased a session for myself and I have nothing but good things to say. The service was prompt, courteous and professional all while maintaining a very relaxed and enjoyable environment. Upon arrival, I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable and I left feeling amazing. I'd recommend this service to anyone, and I do!


I gave my husband a gift certificate for Christmas. That being said he had his massage a few weeks ago and said it was one of the best he has ever had and now has a new massage therapist!  
Katie, Thank you for taking your time and working on the areas he mentioned. 


Where do I start about how much I love getting massages from Katie! First she's so professional and respectful about the intimacy of massage! She listens to your preference about how soft or hard you'd like her pressure to be and she always listens to where I say my pain points and she makes sure to pay attention to those areas. Her warming table feels so amazing and I would definitely recommend Living Kneads Massage to anyone whose looking to get a healing or relaxing massage!


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623 Lafayette ave Hawthorne NJ Suite 07506 #101 Room C


Due to COVID regulations we are seeing clients by appointment only. You can either call, text or email.

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